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2018 AFC Championship Game Chiefs vs. Patriots open thread

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Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots

Greetings, Raider Nation! Today is the day that two of the most hated teams of Raider fans go head to head to determine the AFC’s representative in the Super Bowl. This is about as distasteful a matchup as one can imagine, but we can at least be thankful the Steelers are sitting at home watching, as are the Broncos and Chargers.

The Chiefs have been more or less unstoppable this season, except by the Patriots themselves, who defeated the Chiefs earlier this season and are the only team to actually make KC look mortal. The good news is that Pat Mahomes’ next contract will almost certainly exceed $200M, and the flexibility that comes with a QB on a rookie deal will be gone for a decade at least.

The Patriots have looked mortal all year, but as usual they walked through the worst division in football and were gifted five wins right away. They had some big wins and some bad losses, and they probably don’t deserve to be where they are right now except the Chargers didn’t get off the team plane last week in Foxboro. On paper the Chiefs should run away with this game, but Tom Brady never plays a game on paper, preferring to troll every football fan in real life instead by continuing to win despite the fact that he is 400 years old.

I can’t root for anyone in this game, I can only hope that a sinkhole swallows Arrowhead Stadium at halftime. The game can be seen on CBS at 3:30 PM Pacific. Enjoy the game!