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Is it time for Raider Nation to end hatred for Tom Brady?

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AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

They say ‘Time heals all wounds.’ but 17 years after the infamous ‘Tuck Rule’ game, those words don’t seem to be holding true for Raider Nation. The emotional scars from that fateful January night in 2001 run deep.

It’s hard not to wonder how the course of NFL history could have been changed had Walt Coleman not come back on the field after a booth review and jobbed the Raiders. Not only did the Patriots go on to beat the Raiders, it was the birth of the legend of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots dynasty.

Five Super Bowl championships later, at the age of 41, Tom Brady is still on top of his craft. Not only is he the greatest quarterback of all-time but he may be the greatest football player of all-time. And Raiders fans still hate him.

Is it time to squash your beef with Tom Brady and enjoy his greatness while it lasts?

His resume speaks for itself. Let’s start with the fact that in two weeks he will lead the Patriots to their ninth Super Bowl appearance. How can you not admire how Brady continues to get it done with average wide receivers, runnings backs, and offensive linemen around him?

Think about it, with the exception of Randy Moss for one season and Rob Gronkowski, name another perennial pro bowler he has thrown the ball to throughout his career? He’s never had an elite running back to hand the ball off to, and don’t you dare say the name Corey Dillion.

Peyton Manning had Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Edgerrin James in Indianapolis. Joe Montana had Jerry Rice, John Taylor, and Roger Craig. Could you imagine if Brady had those weapons?

Sure, there is plenty to dislike about Brady (or be jealous of). He has a supermodel wife, women say he’s easy on the eyes, and don’t forget about Spygate and Deflate Gate. And of course the Tuck Rule game. None of that, however, should take away from his greatness.

Is it fair to hate a man for these reasons? Aren’t elite players like Tom Brady the reason we watch sports? So, what do you say, Raider Nation?


Is it time to get over the hate for Tom Brady?

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