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More Celebrity ‘Cage Match’: Derek Carr, Max Kellerman, Stephen A Smith continue back and forth

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The back and forth continued Thursday between the Raiders QB and the two hot take sports talkers.

Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Raider Nation it’s about to go down! What you are about to lay witness to has never been seen before, nor attempted. An improbable crossover event between athlete and a TV personality.

And now the moment you all have been waiting for....

Derek “White Mamba” Carr


Max “The Wrapper” Kellerman

The quarterback for the Oakland Raiders is fighting mad and Max Kellerman on First Take brought out the eye of the tiger.

The Introduction

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages the mindless entertainment proudly presents to you

Fighting out of the red corner,

The White Mamba stands in at 6 foot 3 inches tall weighing in at 215 pounds. A professional athlete who claims to have dunked on Khalil Mack in pool basketball. Making his octagon debut representing Bakersfield, CA as a member of Team Carr Elite.

And his opponent, fighting out of the blue corner,

Standing in at 5 foot 11 inches tall, Max the Wrapper hails from New York City, NY. Despite arguing with Stephen A. Smith every morning, and having freezing cold First Takes, he sports a winning record in the game of life. An ESPN personality, a Boxing actor, a boxing analyst, and a mixtape legend.

The man overseeing the action in the ring is none other than Kellerman’s co-host the one and only Stephen A. Smith.


(Max Kellerman’s response on Thursday’s First Take)

MAX: “I know what people are looking for, their looking for clap back that’s not what I’m interested in. Carr seems to be upset because he feels his character was impugned.”

“Just because you're a tough guy doesn’t mean you're a tough guy every moment of your life. The whole point of bravery, you can't be brave unless you experience fear. Unless there is that fear that danger there is nothing to overcome.

“It’s not we who count it’s the players who counts you who count. You’re the quarterback of the of the at the moment the Oakland Raiders. That’s tremendous you make $30M or so dollars a year now I understand that wouldn’t be mad if I said you were the 27th ranked quarterback according to QBR the most sophisticated you know or quickest ranking system. That’s not very good, that’s not exactly earning the money.

“What bothers you is that you thought that I was saying something about insight into what you were feeling at the moment. Dude! If I see a guy looks scared in the moment like he doesn’t want contact I infer from that that he didn’t want it. That goes for you that goes for everyone in different moments in time, that doesn’t mean you are a quitter, or you are a scared player, or you haven’t been great in the past or won't be great again but it’s not going to say what I think that is my job.”

(Derek Carr appeared on Golic and Wingo)

DC: “This man has never talked to me in my entire life.” this man has never worked out with me, never woke up early with me to study, to go and play hurt and all those kinda things.”

“You can say whatever you want about performance and all that, that’s his job and I understand that but when you start talking about a man’s character, and want to, and desire now thats a different story and I don’t think there’s anyone holding these guys accountable and they go off on those kinda tangents and so im just someone that loves the truth.”

“Again what he just said, what we just listened to, um I have things that can prove that wrong but I’m not into that. I got love for the guy, but at the same time that doesn’t mean you can’t be held accountable when you just are completely wrong about someones desire or want to.”

“I love Oakland. I love our team. I’ve never done anything but give our city my very best, and that’s something that I had a problem with, and I don’t think that that’s alright. I don’t think there’s a place for that.”

“But when you start talking about a man’s character especially when you don’t know him or haven’t been around him that’s a little different.”

“Im just someone that loves the truth.”

“I absolutely did [reaching out to Max and First Take] and again somebody told me I think it was late last night that I got invited to on twitter and all that kinda stuff and basically after I said what I said, I was done with it.

“I said look, this is where I stand. I don’t need to be talking to y’all. this what it is....Im not going to waste my time going down there.”

(Stephen A Smith on First Take)

SAS: “First of all he went on [Mike] Golic and [Trey] Wingo and highlighted what Max said. Questioning his character.

“I will meet up with Derek Carr anytime, anyway, anywhere to discuss what his career has been. And since he said he loves facts, Derek Carr said he loves facts let me give them to you: He’s ranked 27/33 quarterbacks in the National Football League this year, with a 48.9 QBR. Passer Rating ranked 18th out of 33, In his five years in the NFL he’s had 4 losing seasons. He’s had one, he broke his fibula, I recall both me and Max acknowledging this dude is in line to win MVP before he went down, with that broken fibula, we acknowledge that.

“But since that moment you haven’t been that damn impressive.” Pick sixes, interceptions, under thrown balls, throwing balls in the ground, needed eight yards for a first down throwing for three yards, making questionable decisions, starting off the season 1-8 those are facts. Now according to Derek Carr, he should love me, because I gave facts.

“Everyone has been talking about how the Oakland Raiders have come up short.”

“You want the truth? I observe you getting paid top dollar not doing your job and you’re offended by our verbiage? But you want permission to beat us up?”