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Does Von Miller really think Derek Carr is an ‘incredible quarterback’?

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As everyone has seen this week with the back and forth between Derek Carr and ESPN’s First Take, Carr undoubtably has his critics. However, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller does not seem to be one of them.

At this year’s Pro Bowl (which hopefully you didn’t watch), Miller had some kind words for his division-rival Oakland Raiders and Carr.

“Derek is a great quarterback,” Miller said about Carr on Friday. “He knows the way I feel about him. He can make all the throws. This year was kind of a rebuilding year, if you can call it that with coach Gruden coming in. They still had an incredible team and they ended up beating us one time. They got a lot of great young players over there. Similar to what we have over there. Derek Carr, like I said, he can make all the throws. It was just a little bit down year for him. But you can’t look at the future and say that’s gonna be Derek every year. He is an incredible quarterback.”

How much of what Miller said is genuine? Miller mentioned that Carr is an incredible player, but he also mentioned that the Raiders had an incredible team last year. And while it is possible he thinks Carr is a good quarterback, it is not remotely plausible to refer the team the Raiders’ fielded last season as incredible. Oakland won four games last year and has won just eight times total since Marshawn Lynch danced on the sideline against the New York Jets in the 2017 home opener.

Miller has used the word ‘incredible’ quite a few times when describing opponents. Back in December he used the word to describe Myles Garrett and Baker Mayfield.

“He’s an incredible quarterback,’’ said Miller. “Leader of the team already. You can see his teammates and everybody on the offense is playing for him. Hell, the whole team is playing for him. They’ve got a talented team, Myles Garrett on the other side -- fellow Aggie, incredible player. Definitely going to have our hands full trying to block him and trying to keep Baker in the pocket and ... keep him from making big plays down the field.”

Seems like it is still inconclusive. Garrett is widely considered as an incredible player but it is far too early to consider Mayfield an incredible quarterback.

Maybe Miller likes to compliment his competition, in hopes of satisfying the opposition, to make it easier to wreak havoc on Sundays. Who knows?

Do you think Von Miller was being truthful in his description of Derek Carr?


Do you think Von Miller really thinks Derek Carr is incredible?

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