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Silver & Black Pride 2019 community playoff bracket prediction contest

Time for our annual S&BP community playoff bracket contest. As usual you could win a S&BP T-shirt.

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The Raiders’ season is over. So too is it for 19 other NFL teams who didn’t make the playoffs. Congrats to those of you who were on the leaderboards for their week-by-week predictions.

We keep it going now, and this time it’s for some swag.

Each year we put it out to the community to put together a NCAA tournament style bracket as to how they think the playoffs will go down. We put out our own brackets too, so don’t worry about that. Except we’re not eligible for the T-shirt.

The rules are as follows:

Only one submission per person. A point value is given for each correctly picked team. To get the free T-shirt you must at least correctly pick one of the teams in the Super Bowl. Wild card teams will be used as tiebreakers.

You can put your picks in the comments in the following format:

Wildcard round winners

AFC team

AFC team

NFC team

NFC team

Division round winners

AFC team

AFC team

NFC team

NFC team

Conference champs

AFC team

NFC team

Super Bowl champs


The action starts with Wild Card weekend


Colts (6) at Texans (3)

Seahawks (5) at Cowboys (4)


Chargers (5) at Ravens (4)

Eagles (6) at Bears (3)

The winners of these games will face the Chiefs (1) and Patriots (2) in the AFC Division round and the Saints (1) and Rams (2) in the NFC Division round. See all the seeds here.

Comments will be closed just prior to the kickoff of the first game on Saturday at 1:35 pm Pacific time (4:35 pm ET).

Good luck!