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Roger Goodell confirms Mark Davis intentions of Raiders playing 2019 season in Bay Area

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NFL: Super Bowl LIII-NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

As the soft deadline Roger Goodell placed on Mark Davis finding a home for the Raiders for the 2019 is upon us (early February), he appeared in his press conference at the Super Bowl to field questions. There he was asked about where the Raiders will be playing next season and if San Diego is a viable option.

“It’s unfortunate that litigation was filed prior to their final season in Oakland, but that’s the reality. It was filed by the city,” said Goodell. “I’m hopeful that they’ll get a resolution soon. As far as timing, the key thing is on the timing is our schedule. We need to make a schedule obviously for the 2019 season and the sooner the better for us.

“I think the hope of Mark [Davis] is to continue to be in the Bay Area where there’s Raider fans.”

This confirms a recent report that said the options had been essentially narrowed to either staying in Oakland Coliseum or playing across the Bay either sharing Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara with the 49ers or sharing Oracle Park in San Francisco with the Giants.