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Raiders carry over $1.9 million in unused salary cap money from 2018 to 2019 put cap space at 5th most in NFL

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Oakland Raiders

Last month the Raiders moved up the roster bonuses of several players. Jordy Nelson, Tahir Whitehead, Lee Smith, and Kyle Wilber all got their roster bonuses early. The significance of those moves was mainly a gesture of good faith. The Raiders had cap space remaining from 2018 and with no more players to sign, they paid their guys early, showing they would be back for 2019.

Even after those four players got their bonuses, they had some money left over. The NFLPA announced today the Raiders would be carrying over some $1.9 million in unused cap money from 2018.

That is the sixth lowest amount carried over from 2018. The other side of the spectrum would be the Colts which carried over an astounding $49.1 million in unused cap carried over. Not surprisingly, the Colts have by far the most cap room of 2019 at $110 million according to

With a cap projection of $190 million, the Raiders are expected to have $70 million in cap space to work with. That is the 5th most in the league behind the Colts, Jets ($89M), Browns ($82M), and Bills ($79M).