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Ryan Grigson to Raiders reportedly ‘done deal’ and Raiders fans are... not happy about it

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Detroit Lions v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Just hours after reports said the Raiders were set to speak with former NFL executive Ryan Grigson, Pro Football Talk is now citing sources as saying it’s a ‘done deal’.

We don’t know in what capacity Grigson would serve with the Raiders. It could be as little as a consultant as he was for the Seahawks last year or as much as Mike Mayock’s top assistant, replacing former Director of Player Personnel Joey Clinkscales.

Despite the Colts going 11-5 in each of Grigson’s first three seasons as General Manager, he is highly criticized for his run as GM including trading a first round pick for Browns bust RB Trent Richardson (remember him?), blowing a first round pick on WR Phillip Dorsett despite a glaring need on the offensive line to protect Andrew Luck and a purported lack of people skills rubbing some people and players the wrong way.

His track record had some Colts fans are waving the red flag to Raiders fans.

Even the mention of the Raiders speaking to Grigson made the hair on a lot of Raiders fans necks raise.

One other fan had a fairly good question.

It’s a good question because should he be hired to just a consultant role as he was in Seattle, it shouldn’t really move the needle. He must have done something right prior to his years with the Colts to work his way up in the Eagles organization to as high as Director of Player Personnel. So, who knows.