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Cowboys take out Seahawks to advance to Division round with Amari Cooper contributing to lowering draft pick traded for him

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NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Raiders traded Amari Cooper to the Cowboys for their 2019 first round pick, we’ve been forced to follow their season due to the draft pick implications. And since that day, we’ve watched that draft pick drop lower and lower.

The Cowboys were 3-4 when they made the trade with the Raiders and would win seven of their last eight games to win the NFC East. Saturday night the 4-seed Cowboys would continue their winning ways to take down the 5-seed Seahawks 24-22 and advance to the Division round.

It means the pick the Raiders receive from the Cowboys will be no higher than 26 overall.

Appropriately enough, Amari Cooper himself was a major factor in the Cowboys getting the win. The former Raiders top pick receiver caught 7 passes for 106 yards to help his new team advance in the playoffs.

As it happens, former Raiders longtime kicker, Sebastian Janikowski also played a role as he pulled hamstring on a long field goal attempt at the close of the first half. The field goal hooked wide right and the Seahawks had to go the rest of the way without him. They would lose by two.