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2018 NFL Playoff Wild Card Chargers vs. Ravens open thread

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, Raider Nation! Welcome to Day 2 of the NFL Playoffs, the second day of the Wild Card Round. Yesterday saw the Colts dismantle the Texans, setting up a meeting with the Chiefs next week. In the nightcap, Dallas held on for a narrow victory over the Seahawks.

Today there are two more huge games on the horizon. First up is the Chargers taking on the Ravens. These have been two of the hottest teams in football over the last half of the season, with the Chargers able to take out the Chiefs on the road, a very difficult feat. But the Chargers are banged up and they find themselves on the road today.

Baltimore has been nearly unstoppable since replacing the aged Joe Flacco with former Heisman winner Lamar Jackson. The elusive QB has run roughshod over opposing teams and the Ravens’ defense has been impenetrable on their march to a division title. Can they keep it going today against a dangerous Bolts team?

The game will be on CBS at 10 AM Pacific. Enjoy the game!