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Raiders GM Mike Mayock says Jon Gruden has ‘final say’

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New Raiders general manager Mike Mayock is wasting no time getting to work in his new role. Mayock was front and center for the college football playoff national championship game between Alabama and Clemson.

During ESPN’s pregame show, Mayock was even gracious enough to give Steve Levy a few minutes of his time.

One of the obvious questions Levy asked of Mayock was how the relationship will work between Gruden and himself. Most notably he confirmed what many already assumed; this is Gruden’s show.

“I mean it’s an easy one in all honesty, Jon’s got final say if it ever comes to that. And I have zero problems with that. Now that being said I think we’re going to come to a consensus. I like a little yelling, a little screaming, a little fighting for the players you believe in. But at the end of the day Jon Gruden and I are going to know what a Raider looks like and smells like. I don’t think we’re going to have any issues.”

Much as Mayock had told NFL Network last week, he reiterated his support for Derek Carr.

“I’m excited about the Oakland Raiders, we got a head coach, got a quarterback, and I got three draft picks and we’re going to try and take advantage of that,” Mayock continued.

He and Gruden have been working around the clock since he took the job a week ago today. He noted at that time that he would need help with ‘the mechanics of running a team’ and getting caught up has certainly kept him busy.

“This is the first time I’ve been out of the building I think in a week, and I’m not even kidding ya. It’s been awesome. I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the non football duties that go along with being the GM. You’ve got to prioritize, get yourself back to the tape because that’s the reason I’m there in the first place.”

Editor’s note: Levi Damien contributed to this article.