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Panthers vs Buccaneers open thread

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Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images

Once in a while the NFL likes to give London an early, early game so that they get to have a day game experience, and this time that game is between the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Panthers are led by MVP candidate Christian McCaffrey who already has nearly 1,000 yards of scrimmage after just 5 games this season. There was a quote I saw from one of our community members (Sorry, can’t remember who) that perfectly encapsulates the dominance of McCaffrey so far, it was that he is currently being in the NFL what Reggie Bush was supposed to be when he was coming out of USC.

The Bucs on the other hand are led by QB Jameis Winston who can either be really good, or really not good depending on the day. With the Bucs sitting at 2-3 right now, they need the really good Winston to come out and play. This game would get the Bucs back to .500, and it would also drop the Panthers down to 3-3 as well giving the Bucs 2nd place in the NFC South.