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NFL Noon Games open thread

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NFL: OCT 07 Vikings at Eagles Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders might be on bye, but the rest of the NFL is not. This week’s noon games have got a couple of interesting ones, and a couple of not so interesting games as well. Let’s take a look at what we got going on for this football Sunday’s slate of games.

First, the not so interesting; Bengals at Ravens, Seahawks at Browns, and Washington at Miami.

The Ravens and Bengals are a divisional rivalry game but with the Bengals starting the year at 0-5 it’s hard to see them turning things around against a tough 3-2 Ravens team. The Browns were the talk of the NFL heading into the season but they have not lived up to the hype, the factory of sadness still is going strong it appears. They could turn it all around with a statement win against the very impressive 4-1 Seahawks, but that seems unlikely. Then there is the dud of the week with Washington at 0-5 taking on the 0-4 Miami Dolphjns, is there really anything that needs to be said for that game?

Then we have the interesting games with the Texans at the Chiefs, Eagles at Vikings, and Saints at Jaguars.

Of course Raiders fans will find the Texans/Chiefs game interesting with the 4-1 AFC West leading Chiefs being just 1 game ahead of the Raiders, if the Chiefs lose the Raiders would be only a half game back from tying for the divisional lead. It’s also a preview of Oakland’s Week 8 match-up because that’s when they will be taking on the Texans. Oh yeah, and it is a pretty dang good game for the NFL in general too.

As for the Eagles at Vikings, this has physicality written all over it. They both have very good defenses that like to play fast and hit hard so it should be one of those old school type games, which of course means it will end up being a ridiculous shoot out instead. If that happens you’d have to put your money on the high flying Eagles offense, but a low scoring affair the odds are in favor of the Vikings behind their elite RB Dalvin Cook.

Lastly, we have the Saints at Jaguars. It might be a little bit of stretch to have included this one in the interesting category with the Jaguars sitting at 2-3 taking on the 4-1 Saints. However, splitting the games of evenly was just too satisfying to resist and the Jaguars have Gardner Minshew who has been one of the big talks of the NFL season for his play and his Uncle Rico mustache. They also have an elite defense and it will be a big test for Teddy Bridgewater’s New Orleans offense to see if he can deliver another big win for the Saints.

Chat here with your fellow Raiders fans while all this noon game action goes down!