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NFL Afternoon Games open thread

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NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the Afternoon NFL Games to begin and there is one game that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That game is between the undefeated San Francisco 49ers and the 3-2 Los Angeles Rams. This is the game of the week, and it is the first real big test to see whether these 49ers are really as good as they appear to be.

The Rams are nursing a Super Bowl hangover but sitting at 3-2 are still in great position on the season, but they absolutely need this game against the NFC West leading 49ers. If they fall to 3-3 and the 49ers climb to 5-0 it would be a big hit to their chances for the division. With the Seahawks right there too it’s probably the best division in the NFL this season so the Rams really need to bring it today.

The other three games going on are between the 1-4 Falcons taking on the 1-3-1 Cardinals, the 2-3 Titans taking on the 1-4 Broncos, and the 3-2 Cowboys against the 0-4 Jets. The Jets do get Sam Darnold back after his battle with Mono so that’s probably the 2nd best game of the week. The Cowboys have been a tough team this year though and will be looking to bounce back from their defeat to the Packers last week.

The Broncos are coming off a huge upset against the Chargers but have otherwise looked awful this season. They are already in a must win position against a Titans team that you never really know what to expect from. Sometimes the Titans look like they should be a playoff caliber team, and other times they look like they need to just blow the whole thing up and start over. More so of the latter this year with their 2-3 start though.

Lastly, the Falcons and the Cardinals. Talk about being time to blow things up and rebuild, the Falcons are still trying to win with their former Super Bowl losing team from the 2016 season. This team is just not working but the Falcons are keeping their claws deep into it anyway. Atlanta will have to contain this year’s #1 overall draft pick Kyler Murray who is coming off of his first win on his career to get back on track after their dismal 1-4 start.

As always, chat here with your fellow Raiders fans throughout these afternoon games.