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Rookie Isaiah Johnson practices, on schedule for potential return from Raiders partial season injured reserve at midseason

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Oakland Raiders

For those players placed on injured reserve after the team’s 53-man roster cutdown, they may return to practice after week six and to the active roster as early as week 9. Monday Raiders rookie Isaiah Johnson took to the practice field according to media in attendance, which puts him right on schedule for a return to the roster as soon as he is eligible.

The moment a players in injured reserve hits the practice field his 21-day window begins. At the end of that time, the team must either activate him or place him on season-ending injured reserve.

Typically, however, if the player hits the field for the first possible day, that means he is fully healthy and the team intends on having him activated on schedule at midseason.

That plan could certainly change, of course, depending on how the rest of the roster is looking and if Johnson’s activation would force the team to make a cut elsewhere which they would rather not make.

The rookie cornerback was selected by the Raiders in the fourth round out of Houston.