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Raiders week five Ballers & Busters vs Bears: Part two

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The Bears surged back in the third quarter to take the lead against the Raiders. These Busters were a big reason why.

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images


Lamarcus Joyner, Gareon Conley

Hauling in a gift interception to end the game wasn’t enough to keep Conley from joining Joyner as Top Buster for this game. He was just too bad otherwise. And against Chase freaking Daniel.

On the Bears’ first drive, Conley gave up three catches. The first went for 11 yards on third and six, then for 19 yards on second and 15. Then for five yards. Those came on consecutive plays with a false start in between.

Joyner got into the act in the third quarter, first with a pass interference AND a holding penalty on the same play (they chose the PI) to put the Bears in first and goal at the 5-yard line. They would score their first touchdown two plays later.

The next scoring drive saw Joyner give up a 10-yard catch and a 32-yard catch as well as getting blocked on a 16-yard screen. Then Conley gave up the touchdown catch from four yards out. Conley would give up the third touchdown on a 16-yard pass to give the Bears the lead heading into the fourth quarter. It’s hard to imagine the feeling of relief Conley felt with that interception at the end. He can thank Corey Liuget for getting pressure up the middle and Chase Daniel and Anthony Miller for their miscommunication on the play.

AJ Cole

The Raiders probably would have still held a 17-14 lead heading into the fourth quarter if not for Cole’s punt. It had a hang time of about four seconds and was fielded with a great deal of open field in front of return man Tarik Cohen who got up the speed and was up the left sideline well before any of the Raiders’ coverage team to get near him. Cohen went for 71 yards to the Oakland 16-yard line before being tackled. They scored the touchdown on one play.

Cole also had a punt that went 36 yards for a touchback for a 16-yard net. It was his first punt of the day with the Raiders passing up a 53-yard field goal attempt to instead go for field position. He finished with a net average of 19.5 on four punts with one punt stopped inside the 20.

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