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NFL week 7 power rankings round-up: Raiders rise in rankings over bye week

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the Raiders coming off a bye, they’re still riding high off their win over the Bears in London the week before. So, let’s see where they stand after letting everyone else fight amongst each other for a week.

Rank: 18

Previous rank: 19

As we learned from Jon Gruden's instant-classic postgame speech from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium two Sundays ago, the Raiders players got a week off after reaching the bye at 3-2 following a huge win over the Bears. This felt like a wise decision by Chucky. The Raiders are in the midst of a 49-day stretch of games away from Oakland, and Oakland players could probably use some family-and-friends time right about now. Their last true home game was in Week 2 against the Chiefs. They won't return to the Black Hole until Week 9 against the Lions. Two players off to impressive starts for Oakland: Quarterback Derek Carr, whose 73.3 percent completion percentage is flirting with Drew Brees' all-time mark (74.4), and running back Josh Jacobs, who has the most rushing yards by a Raiders rookie through the team's first five games of the season (430).


Rank: 18

Previous rank: 21

Or did you miss Jon Gruden, in praising Derek Carr, lamenting the constant turnover at wideout? "Well, he's completing a lot of passes to a lot of different players," Gruden said, "some he's never met before." Indeed. The Raiders are still trying to recover from the Antonio Brown Experience at the position and Carr has already completed passes to 14 players ... only five of whom were on the roster last season. Carr has been efficient of late, but he needs someone to step up as a deep threat too -- especially with Tyrell Williams nursing a sore foot.

Sports Illustrated

Rank: 18

Previous rank: 20

A nice bye week for the Raiders, as the Chiefs and Chargers both lost their second in a row while the Broncos won, re-opening the race for the AFC West.

Sporting News

Rank: 15

Previous rank: 13

The Raiders got quality wins against the Colts and Bears before their bye, and with an overachieving defense, a solid running game with Josh Jacobs and a more careful and efficient Derek Carr, they need to be taken somewhat seriously as AFC wild-card contenders.


Rank: 16

Previous rank: 15

The Raiders catch a decent scheduling break this week. They’re coming off a bye, and taking on a Packers team that played on Monday night. That’s a lot of extra time. The Raiders, who will spend almost two months between games in Oakland, aren’t going to complain.

The Athletic

Rank: 17

Previous rank: 18

For the Raiders, there probably wasn’t a better way to spend the bye week than watching the Chiefs and Chargers both lose. Next up: road games at Green Bay and Houston, a stretch that looked a lot more intimidating before the Raiders went 2-0 at Indy and against the Bears in London.


Rank: 16

Previous rank: 14

Don’t look now, but the Raiders are closing in on the top of the AFC West.

CBS Sports

Rank: 9

Previous rank: 13

They come off their bye just a half game back of the Chiefs in the division race. But they face a brutal road game at Green Bay.

USA Today

Rank: 13

Previous rank: 13

Speaking of “Browns” Oakland signed in 2019, Derek Carr recently said, “My favorite Brown was obviously Trent.” Josh Jacobs likely agrees.

Average rank: 15.5

Previous rank: 16

It’s just a half a spot rise, but it is a rise. With the Chiefs suddenly losing their strangle hold on the top of the AFC West and the fight for the bottom between the Chargers and Broncos, the Raiders are in pretty good positions to threaten to make a run.