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Raiders are a half game out of first in AFC West and Raider Nation and Chiefs Kingdom confidence are going in very different directions

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

I guess you can’t accuse Raiders fans of being prisoners of the moment. Following the Raiders big win over the Bears in London, they were feeling pretty high on the Raiders future. More than three times as confident, in fact, than they were just two weeks prior.

Now given a week to let the dust settle, the euphoria has not gone away. It has only gained steam, with the fans more confident now than at any point this calendar year.

According to this week’s FanPulse survey, Raider Nation is now 81% confident in the future of the team, a jump of 3% over the week despite the team not playing a game. Their confidence surpassed the previous 2019 high of 79% which they had after the draft and through the first preseason game.

Part of this continued surge in confidence could be that the team ahead of them in the AFC West has now lost two straight, putting the Raiders just a half game out of first in the division at 3-2.

The Chiefs started the season 4-0 and have lost the last two to fall to 4-2. Their defense is purging points and even their MVP quarterback can’t stop the bleeding. Those losses are also reflected in their fan confidence, now at a pathetic 37%.

As for the bottom two teams in the division, the Broncos have won two-straight and their fan’s confidence has rebounded to 55% because of it. The Chargers have lost four of their last five with their only win coming over a terrible Dolphins squad. Their fan confidence is at a laughable 7%. Which is probably actually less than 7 people.