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Raider Nation will be watching Thursday Night Football and begrudgingly rooting for Broncos to take out Chiefs

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

If the Chiefs and Broncos had met up two weeks ago, one would have been coming off a winning streak and the other a losing streak. In that case it was the Chiefs on a 4-game winning streak and the Broncos on a 4-game losing streak. But the tables have now turned.

Now it’s the Chiefs on a two-game losing streak and the Broncos on a two-game winning streak. The NFL is crazy like that.

What the change in winds has caused is the Chiefs in danger of losing their place atop the division.

Currently the Chiefs sit at 4-2, just a half game ahead of the 3-2 Raiders who are coming off a bye. That means if the Chiefs lose, they would fall to 4-3, opening the door to for the Raiders to take over first place in the AFC West.

Raiders fans are pretty split on who they hate more between the Chiefs and Broncos, so when the meeting between the two has division implications for the Raiders, Raider Nation will swallow that bitter pill and root for a team they hate. In this case; the Broncos.

We posted this poll just after noon and two hours in the vote was 54% rooting for the Broncos and it probably would have been higher had “who cares?” not been an option because only 3% will be rooting for the Chiefs. With 29% of fans claiming they don’t care, that means at least 71% of fans will be very interested in this game. I know I will be.