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Chiefs Thursday night win comes with big loss of Patrick Mahomes to knee injury

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The MVP quarterback was lost to a knee injury that will have him out some time.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As of now the Chiefs held onto their spot atop the AFC West with a win over the Broncos on Thursday night. But that win may not have felt much like one because it came with what could be a serious injury to the knee of the Chiefs’ MVP quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes injured his knee on a quarterback sneak in the second quarter. Early reports say it’s likely a dislocated patella (kneecap). Pending MRI results the injury is said to have him out at least three weeks. Should the results not be as hoped, he could be out even longer.

Backup quarterback Matt Moore entered the game for Mahomes and with the Chiefs adding a field goal at the end of that drive, they took a 13-6 lead. On the strength of the Chiefs’ ass rush (and the Broncos lack of pass protection), they were able to extend the lead and win 30-6.

Without Mahomes, those wins could be harder to come by. Especailly with tough match-ups against the Packers and Vikings coming up the next couple weeks. They have the Raiders at 3-2 nipping at their heels

Keep in mind, three weeks is just the minimum at this point. If there is ligament damage, Mahomes could be lost for the season, which would be devastating for the Chiefs’ hopes of making a Super Bowl run.

After the Packers and Vikings games, the Chiefs face the Titans and Chargers before their bye week. They face the Raiders coming out of their bye which means if the Chiefs get good news from the MRI, Mahomes would likely be back in time for that game as well as their huge match-up with the Patriots the week after.

We’ll stay on top of this story as it develops.

Update: It would appear that Mahomes and the Chiefs got the best possible news and the QB will return this season