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If the Raiders are to beat the Packers, this stat shows how they will go about doing it

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NFL: Preseason-Green Bay Packers at Oakland Raiders Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How does a team go about beating Aaron Rodgers? By keeping him on the sideline. How do you do that? By running the ball to control the clock. That is not only how the Raiders have made their hay of late, but it’s the area that has been the Packers’ biggest issue.

And we’re not talking just a strength vs a weakness here. We’re talking the best team in the league at this versus the worst team in the league defending it. Check out this stunning stat put out by Josh Dubow of the Associated press.

You stack the box against Josh Jacobs and the Raiders and they beat you. When the Packers do it, they get beaten. Rarely do you see a more clear area to exploit than this.

This is no fluke stat based on Raiders facing lesser opponents. Last time they took the field, they faced up the best run defending team in the league in the Bears and beat them time and time again. Jacobs put up 123 yards and two touchdowns. If they can do that against the best, they should certainly be able to do it against the worst.

Accomplishing that will help them eat up clock and give Aaron Rodgers fewer chances to beat them. From there it will be up to the defense to keep Rodgers from scoring in those chances.