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Antonio Brown’s quest to recoup $30 million from Raiders takes another hit; Mark Davis kept receipts

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New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

As laughable as it was the moment we all heard Antonio Brown was attempting to recover some of the $30 million in guarantees he had for doing literally nothing, it’s hard to imagine it actually gets funnier. But it does.

Sunday morning ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that among AB’s many aggressive attempts to get out of his contract with the Raiders, he sent several text messages to owner Mark Davis. And Davis kept those receipts.

It’s likely additional instances in which AB had demanded his release were necessary. He literally made his demand public in an Instagram message.

It took maybe two hours before the Raiders officially obliged him. A short time after, Brown posted a video of the moment he was notified he’d been released, which had him celebrating by running out his back door yelling “I’m free, grandma!

That came after news that Brown had sought advice from a social media consultant on how he could force his way off the Raiders. Part of the things he did to force his way out — aside from flatly asking — was to call his GM a Cracker and threaten to punch him in the face. Then later posting a video with an unauthorized recorded conversation he had with Jon Gruden.

A few hours after his release, Brown signed with the Patriots... and was released two weeks later after sexual assault allegations surfaced which also included text message threats. One of these days maybe Antonio Brown will realize things you say in text message can come back to haunt you.