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Derek Carr’s fumble for touchback is Raiders week seven turning point play of the game

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Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

In the history of the ‘Turning point play of the game’ articles there may not be a more obvious choice in this weeks game. It was a competitive game for the first half of the game. If you are a fan of offense there was plenty of that, both defenses struggled to get stops early on.

Trailing 14-10, with 1:55 remaining before the half, the Raiders had a second and goal from the Packers two-yard-line. The drive was crucial in that the Packers would receive the ball to start the second half, so it was imperative to get some points on the board to keep pace with the Packers offense.

On the play, Derek Carr took the snap and rolled out to his right. The Packers defense who have been good in the red zone all year took away all four of Carr’s options. Sensing he could make a play with his legs, Carr took off for the pylon.

It was deja vu for Raiders fans when Derek Carr as he often does, extended his arm with the ball, fighting for extra yardage. And just as he did a two years ago against the Cowboys, he fumbled the ball through the end zone. By rule when the ball is fumbled through the end zone the result is a touchback.

The ruling on the field was that Carr was out of bounds before the fumble occurred but after a review of the play it was reversed to a fumble resulting in a touchback for the Packers.

Seven plays was all the Packers needed when Aaron Rodgers hooked up with Jake Kumerow for a 37-yard touchdown. Turning what could have been a 17-14 Raiders lead at the half info a 21-10 Packers lead.

To make matters worse, Green Bay would tack on another score on their opening drive of the second half to increase their lead to 28-10. And they cruised to a 42-24 victory.