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Raiders week seven Ballers & Busters vs Packers: Part two

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It can be hard to know where to begin with the Busters in a loss like this.

Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images


Derek Carr

From the start, Carr did not look comfortable. The first drive moved into field goal range on runs alone. The first time he dropped back to pass, he overthrew Keelan Doss. Next play, on third and seven, he overthrew Hunter Renfrow and a promising opening drive would end in a field goal. The Packers answered with a touchdown drive.

The next series would again end with him overthrowing Keelan Doss. That was three overthrows in his first four passes.

With the defense forcing a punt, Carr would have a chance at taking back the lead. He would do it too, including a 17-yard connection with Derek Carrier and the touchdown pass to Foster Moreau to finish it off.

That’s when things went off the rails.

The Packers would score another touchdown on their next drive to take back the lead at 14-10. Carr found Darren Waller for 16 yards, then on the next play Waller got wide open over the middle. Had Carr hit him in stride, he would have scored. But Carr threw it behind him, causing Waller to turn completely around and causing him to get tripped up short of the end zone.

Two plays later, on second and goal from the two, Carr rolled out right and decided to take it himself. He scanned the field several times, and could have turned it upfield several times, but instead tried to get to the pylon. When he was unable to beat the defender to the edge, he dove and let the ball go through the end zone for a touchback. Had he at least held onto the ball, the Raiders would have had another couple down to score from the goal line. There was just under two minutes left on the clock at that time, so a couple extra plays would have run time off the clock. So, the fumble was the worst possible scenario. The Raiders got no points and gave Aaron Rodgers plenty of time to move down and score again. A potential 17-14 Raiders lead at the half would instead turn into a 21-10 deficit with the Packers getting the ball to begin the third quarter.

The Raiders were behind the eight ball from that point on. Instead of trading scores with the Packers, the Raiders would remain two scores behind even after trading scores in the third quarter.

The Packers brought it back to a three score game with a 35-17 lead at the end of the third. Even with the Raiders moving back into scoring range early in the fourth, they couldn’t afford to settle for a field goal and went for it on fourth and goal at the one and were stopped.

For the second time in the game, the defense made a stop, and with solid field position off the punt, it gave Carr and the offense one more shot to get back into the game. Once again they moved into the red zone. And in first down from the 15, Carr stared down Darren Waller, drawing double coverage and then under threw it and it was picked off in the end zone. That was his last play of the game. The Packers added a touchdown on the ensuing drive and Mike Glennon was put in the game.

Passing stats don’t mean diddly shit in a game like this. Not when he starts the game erratic, leading to two stalled drives, fumbles through the end zone in exactly the same fashion he did two seasons ago taking a game from competitive to out of hand in a matter of minutes, and then throws a pick on his last gasp chance to get back into it. Gotta score points to win. Not turn the ball over at the worst possible time.

Gareon Conley, Daryl Worley, Lamarcus Joyner, Nicholas Morrow, Erik Harris, Paul Guenther

This may be a record for the most to share a Buster spot. There was just no way to separate any of them. The pass coverage in this game was so incredibly pathetic and every one of them played an equal hand in the collapse. And Aaron Rodgers was picking victims by drive it seemed.

The first touchdown drive belongs to Nicholas Morrow. He bit on an inside fake to give up a 15-yard run. Two plays later he gave up a 29-yard catch on third and seven. The next play, he gave up a 21-yard touchdown.

The next scoring drive belongs to Erik Harris. Morrow got it started by jumping on the hard count to tip his hand on the blitz. Rodgers read this and threw a 21-yard completion in single coverage out in the right flat. Two plays later, in third and 8, Harris gave up a 15-yard catch. Joyner gave up two catches for 18 yards, the second to set the Packers up at the 20-yard-line. The next play, Harris lost his receiver and grabbed his jersey for an easy pass interference penalty. The Packers set up in first and goal from the three and scored on two plays.

The final scoring drive of the first half it was Daryl Worley’s time to get victimized. On four consecutive plays, Worley was the target. He gave up a 5-yard catch, a 9-yard catch on third and five, a 7-yard catch, and then a 37-yard touchdown with seconds left in the second quarter.

Gareon Conley was up next to begin the third quarter. He was beaten for a 59-yard catch on the first play. Net play he gave up a 4-yard catch. The play after that he was blocked on an 8-yard catch and run in the right flat. Two plays later, in 2nd and goal from the three, Rodgers rolled out on a bootleg and Conley was supposed to have that edge, but he dropped into coverage instead, leaving Rodgers with an easy trot into the end zone for the score.

It was pick your poison on the fifth touchdown drive. Joyner gave up a catch and missed the tackle on the first play that went for 25 yards. Three plays later, on third and 8 Conley gave up a 17-yard catch. Next play Joyner gave up an 8-yard catch and again missed the tackle. Two plays later, Worley gave up a 26-yard catch to set the Packers up in first and goal from the three. And in one play, Harris gave up the touchdown to Jimmy Graham.

One touchdown left and it was a short pass in which Conley gave up the catch to Marquez Valdes-Scantling and missed the tackle to watch Valdez-Scantling take off for the 74-yard score.

Aaron Rodgers is an amazing quarterback. But he was downright super human against these guys. That has to fall on Paul Guenther in some regard. Performances like that should not happen.

Clelin Ferrell, Benson Mayowa

Rodgers was helped a great deal by how much time he had to throw. Neither of these two had a single stat to their names in this game. The only time either was mentioned was when Mayowa was flagged for roughing the passer when he dove and hit Rodgers in the knees. Mayowa also gave up a 21-yard catch in coverage. They were both utterly useless for the Raiders.

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