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Raider Nation confidence crashes to earth after crushing loss in Green Bay

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Oakland Raiders v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Last week Raider Nation was in a state of euphoria. The Raiders were coming off two straight wins, each huge and a bigger win than the one before. That along with the Chiefs losing two straight had the fan confidence through the roof.

The 81% confidence level was this highest it had been at any point this year. Not this season, this calendar year. Then came the trip to Green Bay and one of the worst looking performances by the Raiders this season.

That loss landed a hard blow to the confidence of the fans, dropping it 27 points to 54%. And you can understand the discouragement. When your defense can stop nothing and your quarterback is making the same devastatingly bad decisions he has made multiple times already in his career, that can be disheartening.

Confidence in this team right now is by no means the lowest it has been this season. It was lower than that AFTER the win over the Colts (49%). That’s because the two previous losses were so ugly that the fans rightfully needed to see more before they were convinced. The win over the Bears convinced them that this team had turned the corner. Then they faced an elite QB in Aaron Rodgers and all the old questions and concerns came back.

There is clearly still some hope among the fans. After all, one big loss should be treated the same as one big win. You wait and see if it’s a one-off thing or a sign of things to come.

Next up is the 4-3 Texans in Houston. A team that beat the Chiefs two weeks ago only to lose to the same Colts team last week which the Raiders beat this season. So, there’s reason to hope the Raiders have a chance to win it.