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What you need to know from offensive coordinator Greg Olson’s week eight press conference

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As the coordinators due every Thursday, Greg Olson took his turn at the podium to meet with members of the media heading into the fifth consecutive road game for the Raiders. This week the Raiders travel to Houston to take on the 4-3 Texans.

Here is what you need to know from Greg Olson’s chat with the media.

Confidence in the run game without Josh Jacobs

“We feel great about the depth at the running back position, and he’s a special player. That’s why we drafted him where we were able to get him. But we feel really confident in the back up running backs, and certainly, we got a lot of confidence in the offensive line, so we will focus on running the football no matter who is back there.”

The possible return of Tyrell Williams

“Well, coach made the statement yesterday that he looks like he has fresh legs you know he hasn’t been able to run for a while, so he looked good yesterday when he came out and followed that up with another good day today. So we are excited to get him back.”

Play of the offensive line

“We’ve been fortunate that way again with the depth in that position group. We said, we feel like that is the strength of our offensive side of the ball is the offensive line. And we’ve been fortunate to have that kind of depth, but this really is the first week that they’ve all been able to line up together, so we’re excited about the guys we went into the season thinking would be the five starters now getting a chance to play together.”

Zay Jones chances of playing this week

“You know we’ve got great competition, we talked about the offensive line and the depth they have and the competition that goes on in that room every day, and we’re starting to see that in the players we’ve acquired at the wide receiver position. So again, I think our scouting department has done a nice job bringing in and trading out some players and adding skill to the wide receiver room.”

The versatility of the tight end group

“They all possess different abilities, so that makes it easy. And their all intelligent, extremely intelligent players, we’re fortunate about that. And obviously, Waller is a freak in terms of his athletic ability, but then Derek Carrier is also a college-wide receiver, so he possesses great ability to run routes and hand-eye coordination to catch the football. But really Foster Moreau, he’s not a surprise to us as an organization or as coaching staff because again I felt like we evaluated him and Frank Smith did a great job as well in evaluating Foster, and him being the player that Frank thought he would be. He’s a better athlete, I guess than what he was projected to be by a lot of the draft experts out there. But he is the player we thought he would be.”