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Deshaun Watson escapes near sack to throw touchdown is the week eight turning point play of the game

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When Deshaun Watson decides to hang em’ up, he might have a future as a magician. What he did to the Raiders on 1st and ten from the Raiders eight-yard line with 6:35 left in the game was truly magical.

In the shotgun, Watson took the snap from center and dropped back to pass. Pressure came off the edge from both sides with Arden Key getting to him first. Key had Watson wrapped up and began to swing him to the guard when Watson was able to keep his balance and not let his knee or elbow touch the ground.

Maxx Crosby was also in pursuit. After Watson escaped the grasp of Key, he scrambled to his right. Crosby dove for his legs as Watson was releasing the ball. It was too late the ball was out, and the result was an eight-yard touchdown to Darren Fells, his second of the game.

What was miraculous about the play was that while evading the sack of Key, Watson took a foot to the eye and was still able to carry out the play and deliver a strike to Fells. Watson was down for several minutes after the score but eventually walked off under his power.

The missed sack turned to go-ahead touchdown pass by Watson to Fells was the week eight turning point play of the game.