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The Raiders sit at No. 6 in pass block win rate, No. 29 in pass rush win rate

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The Raiders pass block with the best of them, and rush the passer with the worst of them

NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Stats like sacks, quarterback pressures, and blown blocks can paint a nice picture when grading offensive and defensive linemen, but they often cannot tell the whole story.

Sometimes players beat their man routinely, but can’t quite get to the quarterback or make a play in the backfield. Other times, offensive linemen will sustain blocks for a significant amount of time, only for their quarterback to be taken down due to a failed scramble or coverage sack.

To measure pass-blocking and pass-rushing performance, ESPN Analytics has created the pass-block and pass-rush win rate metric. This metric is powered by tracking data from NFL Next Gen Stats and defines “success” for an offensive or defensive linemen as the ability to sustain or beat a block within 2.5 seconds.

Per ESPN’s Team Pass Block Win Rate, the Raiders sit at No. 6 in the NFL, touting a 64 percent win rate. The Green Bay Packers rank first in said metric, sitting at 67 percent, while the lowly Dolphins (42 percent) and Bengals (39 percent) bring up the rear.

While struggling with offensive line injuries, the NFL’s only unbeaten teams, San Francisco and New England, sit at No. 24 and No. 25, respectively, in Pass Block Win Rate, as they’ve been able to win games with defense and strong rushing attacks.

The Raiders don’t look nearly as favorable when it comes to Pass Rush Win Rate, sitting at No. 29 in the NFL with a 35 percent mark. Led by Shaq Barrett, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are No. 1 in said metric at 59 percent, while the Detroit Lions are last with a 25 percent rate.

Facing that lowly Detroit pass rush this week, Derek Carr should be mighty comfortable in the pocket.

In terms of individual rankings, the Raiders don’t have any players in the Top 10 of DE/OLB Pass Rush Win Rate or DT Pass Rush Win Rate, but they have one representative each in the Top 10 rankings for OT, OG, and C.

At the OT position, Trent Brown and Green Bay’s David Bakhtiari are tied for first with a 95 percent Win Rate. Richie Incognito sits in a tie for the No. 5 mark among OGs with an identical 95 percent mark, while Rodney Hudson is also tied for No. 5 among his position peers as well, one-upping his fellow teammates with a 96 percent Win Rate.