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2019 NFL Week 9 Predictions, S&BP Staff Picks

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Week 8 brought us some changes at Silver and Black Pride, but the NFL was relatively easy to predict. All of the current staff crushed their picks and the fans were even more impressive.

The only surprise in Week 8 of NFL action was the Buffalo Bills losing to the Eagles at home, all staff missed that one. Evan and I tied with 13 correct picks, meanwhile our new editor Cyril logged 12 correct picks. This week again there isn’t too much debate. The staff agrees on 9 of the games. I think the Chiefs beats the Vikings at home, and the Giants get it done at home against division rival Cowboys. Cyril is on the Lamar Jackson train picking the Ravens to hand the Patriots their first defeat. Evan has a solid lead, so his picks of Panthers over Titans and Jets over Dolphins should be taken seriously.

Week 9 staff picks

Community scores

Coloraider, RaiderRich, and brett_jv each picked a whopping 14 correct games this past week! Meanwhile, Rocker☆ sits in a comfortable lead with an amazing 84-36 record. Rocker☆ keep that up and you’ll be cashing major bet money in Vegas this time next year.