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Introducing: The Raider Nation Fan of the Week!

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Are you the biggest Raider fan you’ve ever met? If not, is it someone you know? Nominate them for S&BP’s Fan of the Week award!

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have the most loyal fanbase in the NFL. I apologize to other NFL fanbases who think they have a claim, but they simply cannot compare.

Actually, I take that back. Raider fans don’t apologize for their brash nature. It’s who we are! No matter what the team goes through, Raider Nation remains in ride-or-die mode 25/8.

I want to give the most loyal fans a chance to be in the spotlight, so I’ve decided to start the Raider Fan of the Week award here at S&BP.

Find my email in the Masthead section of the site and submit a picture of the biggest fan you know for Fan of the Week at any time. That fan could be you, a family member, or a friend who you know deserves to be recognized.

Along with a picture, send me a brief description about your submission, including where the nominee is from, their age, and a brief backstory about why they should win the Fan of the Week award!

Submit as many nominations as you want, and a winner will be selected every week on Tuesday.