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Colts at Chiefs Sunday Night Football open thread

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the final game of this football Sunday with the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Indianapolis Colts for Sunday Night Football. The Chiefs come in as one of the top two dominating teams in the league at 4-0, and the Colts are slowed by injuries and are coming off a defeat to the Oakland Raiders.

The NFL schedule makers had anticipated this being a game between Andrew Luck and Patrick Mahomes, but with the surprising retirement on the eve of the season from Luck it’s actually Jacoby Brissett who will be leading the Colts. Though the news of Luck retiring was shocking, the Colts were actually in the best position of any team to handle it with Brissett to take over.

Brissett looks like he will have Ty Hilton this week after the star receiver missed last week’s loss, so that should help the Colts chances tonight. Still, they face an uphill battle against a Chiefs team with one of the most explosive offenses in NFL history.

Kansas City on the other hand will look to treat this game as business as usual behind their all-world QB Mahomes. They have the fastest receiver corp in the league too with burners all over the field for the always creative Patrick Mahomes to throw to as well. At this point any team that beats them this year will do so in surprising fashion because these guys are freaking tough.

Chat here with your fellow Raiders fans as the action unfolds. Hopefully the Colts can come up with one of those surprising victories against this Kansas City team, that would be a great way to close out this day of football.