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NFL early window open thread

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NFL: Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Sunday, baby. And since the Raiders have already won this week and are home resting up their bumps and bruises, we can rest easy today and flip from channel to channel inhaling bits and pieces of the seven early window games.

Or, we can watch closely as the Lions try to dismantle the Bears without Matthew Stafford for the first time in the last 137 games. Chicago suddenly is favored by 6.5 points, but let’s hope Jeff Driskel and the Lions dominant receivers can outproduce Mitchell Trubisky and further improve the first-round pick the Bears owe Oakland.

Stafford apparently suffered fractured bones in his back while getting pummeled by the Raiders steadily improve defensive line, but it is unclear exactly when the injury occurred.

It’ll be difficult to decide who to root for in the ChiefsTitans matchup, as Kansas City is only one game ahead of Oakland for AFC West supremacy at the moment, while Tennessee is one game back in the Wildcard race.

Here’s an open thread, ya’ filthy animals. Who are you rooting for today?