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The Raider Nation Fan of the Week: Asylum

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After some careful deliberation, your Raider Nation Fan of the Week is Asylum from Burlingame, Kansas.

Asylum is a 42-year-old die-hard fan who flies back and forth from Kansas to Oakland to attend games and has been a season ticket holder for the past 14 years. He came up with his persona, “Because people called Raiders fans crazy. So I decided to show them crazy.”

Asylum narrowed his all-time favorite Raider down to two choices: Bo Jackson and Lyle Alzado. He represents the silver and black loud and proud in the Midwest. If you happen to live in Kansas and see Asylum at your local Raiders-themed bar, buy him a beer! He deserves one!

If you submitted a nomination for Raider Nation Fan of the Week and were not selected, do not fret! All previous submissions will continue to be considered for upcoming weeks.

To make a submission, find my email on the site’s Masthead and send in a picture of your nomination. Along with a picture, send a description about your submission, including where the nominee is from, their age, and their favorite Raider of all-time.

Submit as many nominations as you’d like and a winner will be chosen every Tuesday!