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With the 149th pick, the Raiders select...

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Remember, there were 16 other wide receivers drafted before Hunter Renfrow heard his name called.

NFL: Preseason-Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hunter Renfrow was a 5th round draft pick and I want you to keep that in mind as I start running through these stats.

And before anyone in the comments goes wild (you guys are toughening me up fast), no one’s anointing Renfrow as the next DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones or everyone’s personal favorite comparison; Julian Edelman.

Renfrow, at this point in the season, is playing way above his draft placement.

Renfrow is tied for sixth in receptions among rookies with 28, while the leader is at 35. That leaves him tied with Marquise Brown, who was taken in the 1st round. That’s also better than A.J. Brown, Mecole Hardman, J.J. Arcega Whiteside, Parris Campbell and Andy Isabella, all 2nd round picks. Stop and re-read that sentence, Renfrow is out producing five 2nd round draft picks at the same position.

1. D.K. Metcalf 35

T-2. Terry McLaurin 32

T-2. Preston Williams 32

T-4. Diontae Johnson 30

T-4. Deeboo Samuel 30

T-6. Marquise Brown 28

T-6. Hunter Renfrow 28

Even when it comes to receiving yards, Renfrow is 10th overall among rookies. But this is where it gets even more impressive; Renfrow is on the field less than eight of the other nine receivers in front of him.

1. D.K. Metcalf - Receiving Yards: 595 Average Snap Count Per Game: 79.5%

2. Terry McLaurin - Receiving Yards: 497 Average Snap Count Per Game: 94.3%

3. Marquise Brown - Receiving Yards: 454 Average Snap Count Per Game: 54.5%

4. A.J. Brown - Receiving Yards: 446 Average Snap Count Per Game: 59%

5. Mecole Hardman - Receiving Yards: 437 Average Snap Count Per Game: 49.8%

6. Preston Williams - Receiving Yards: 428 Average Snap Count Per Game: 78.6%

7. Darius Slayton - Receiving Yards: 394 Average Snap Count Per Game: 77.3%

8. Diontae Johnson - Receiving Yards: 363 Average Snap Count Per Game: 63.4%

9. Deebo Samuel - Receiving Yards: 339 Average Snap Count Per Game: 63%

10. Hunter Renfrow - Receiving Yards: 299 Average Snap Count Per Game: 52.7%

So, it’s not a matter of the Raiders’ depth at the position. When Renfrow is on the field, he’s making the most out of it. The 23-year-old has caught 28 balls on 42 targets, good for a 66.6% catch rate. That’s third among all rookies.

1. Parris Campbell 15/19 for 78.9%

2. Deebo Samuel 30/43 for 69.8%

3. Hunter Renfrow 28/42 for 66.6%

4. Diontae Johnson 30/46 for 65.2%

5. Mecole Hardman 21/33 for 63.6%

6. Terry McLaurin 32/52 for 61.5%

T-7. A.J. Brown 27/45 for 60%

T-7. Darius Slayton 27/45 for 60%

9. D.K. Metcalf 35/64 for 54.7%

When the ball is thrown his way, Renfrow is making grabs at a better rate than his fellow rookies. He’s also only dropped one pass so far this season.

Think about it. 16 other wide receivers were taken before Renfrow was drafted and he’s playing producing better than a significant chunk of them. All this from the 149th pick.