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2019 NFL Week 11 predictions, S&BP staff picks

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New England Patriots v Oakland Raiders Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

Week 10 was a bizarre one. Numerous favorites and “locks” to win ended up losing to teams who have generally underperformed thus far. Thats why they play the games, I suppose. With underdogs like Miami, Atlanta, and Tennessee each upsetting a division leader, it serves as a cautionary tale for the Raiders going up against the Bengals this week that no NFL team should be taken lightly.

The staff didn’t fare well predicting NFL action last week. Cyril and I tied with 5-8 records, while the cumulative leader, Evan, suffered 4-9 showing last week. Not our best efforts, to say the least. This week there are 9 games we all agree on. I think Atlanta edges the Panthers and discontinues their losing ways. Evan is picking the Chargers to upset the Chiefs in Mexico City on Monday night. Cyril likes Dwayne Haskins and the Redskins to get rolling against the Jets.

Staff picks

Community scores

The fans continue to exceed the staff in their picks. King Coram, MS-DOSS and knock on wood if youre with me each somehow predicted 9 correct games this week. Quite the feat. Meanwhile in the cumulative rankings, Rocker☆ relinquished a lead he held since week 6 to uk_raider, who has been gunning for him all season. Each has picked 96 correct games, but uk_raider has the edge on tiebreakers.