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The Raider Nation Fan of the Week: The Robinson Brothers

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This week’s Raider Nation Fan of the Week award goes to a trio of brothers that hold it down for Raider Nation all the way in Delaware!

Wade, Lance, and Jared Robinson are future Las Vegas season ticket holders who have represented the silver and black with pride for decades.

Per their submission, “Wade, Jared, and Lance have been East Coast Raiders fans since the 70’s and these Raider Nation faithful members have been supportive of their team through ALL of the ups and downs (and head coaches) for over five decades.”

The pictures depicted are from the first game they attending as a group, back in 2008 when the Raiders knocked off Brett Favre and the Jets in a 16-13 overtime fight.

While they’re brothers, they have different opinions on their favorite Raiders of all-time. Wade’s all-time favorite is Fred Biletnikoff, Jared’s is Charles Woodson and Lance’s is Bo Jackson.

If you submitted a nomination for Raider Nation Fan of the Week and were not selected, do not fret! All previous submissions will continue to be considered for upcoming weeks.

To make a submission, find my email on the site’s Masthead and send in a picture of your nomination. Along with a picture, send a description about your submission, including where the nominee is from, their age, and their favorite Raider of all-time.

Submit as many nominations as you’d like and a winner will be chosen every Tuesday!