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Silver Mining 11/21: Trayvon Mullen makes PFF’s Team of the Week

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

Besides a couple bad penalties here and there, not including the non-penalty against the Bengals, Richie Incognito has turned out to be a great signing

Remember when the Raiders were supposed to explode with Incognito, Antonio Brown and Vontaze Burfict on the team? He’s arguably playing some of his best football at 36 years old.

“We left a lot of points out there as an offense,” Jacobs said. “I missed a couple holes. Honestly, It wasn’t a great game for me. I had 100-and-something yards or whatever, but there’s a lot to improve on.”

Josh Jacobs for Rookie of the Universe.

Mad Maxx wasn’t the only Raiders rookie who had a good week, Trayvon Mullen made PFF’s Team of the Week

Let’s just all name our kids Mike and be done with it.

AFC West News

Mile High Report: What if Broncos had scored in the last drive to beat the Vikings?

They would’ve won the game?

It doesn’t look like Tyreek Hill is going to miss any time at all for his hamstring injury

Something to watch heading into the biggest matchup of Week 13.

Bolts From the Blue: Austin Eckler is on a historic pace

And I don’t think it’s far-fetched to say he’s outplayed Gordon this season, but what do I know?

NFL News

This week on Overreaction Island: Do the Eagles have a Carson Wentz problem?

Honest question, does he really have anyone to throw to outside of Zach Ertz?

The game with the biggest playoff implications this week is just as important to Raiders fans

A Colts loss on Thursday to the Texans pretty much spells the end of their playoff chances.

After this week, the Bills’ schedule gets real

We’re going to see very quickly whether they’re contenders or pretenders.