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Turning point play of Week 12: Braxton Berrios’ 69-yard reception is a back breaker

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Oakland Raiders v New York Jets Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

It’s was a day to forget for the Raiders. Needing a win to tie the Chiefs at 7-4 for the AFC West division lead, the Raiders laid an egg and were blown out by the Jets 34-3.

There were a couple different plays that were strong candidates for turning point play of the week, but one in particular that really took the momentum out of any chance the Raiders had to mount a comeback.

Trailing 13-3, the Jets received the ball to start the second half. If the Raiders had any hopes of a comeback a stop would be needed.

With 13:40 on the clock, Jets quarterback Sam Darnold dropped back and found slot receiver Braxton Berrios on a slant route for a big gain of 69 yards. The chunk gain brought the ball to the Raiders 1-yard line. One play later, Darnold found tight end Ryan Griffin for a touchdown and the Jets took a commanding 20-3 lead.

It was snowball effect for the Raiders, who couldn’t do anything right in the game. The Jets would go on to score two more touchdown en route to a blowout win.