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Silver Mining 11/25: Raiders playoff odds sit at 19 percent after Sunday’s brutal loss

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Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Raiders News

The Raiders have a 19 percent chance of making the playoffs according to FiveThirtyEight

If they beat the Chiefs and Titans that goes up to 73%. It’s going to be a long two weeks.

Derek Carr does not play when someone in the media says something he doesn’t like

I am a fan of angry Derek Carr.

The Jets threw for 315 yards and averaged 10.4 per attempt

Yeah, that’s not going to cut it against Patrick Mahomes and company.

AFC West News

Mile High Report: Denver Broncos move up to the fifth overall pick after loss to Bills

Three questions come to mind: (1) will Elway pick another quarterback after using a second-round pick on Drew Lock in the previous draft, (2) how will Elway screw it up, and (3) will Elway still be the one making decisions?

Arrowhead Pride: Patrick Mahomes’ foundation awards $225,000 to local charities

He’s going to get the first $200 million-dollar contract in NFL history.

It looks like Derwin James is coming back against the Broncos

Might be too little too late for the Chargers, but regardless they’re going to have an All-Pro back on the field.

NFL News

Dak Prescott thinks the Patriots didn’t take away Amari Cooper

Sometimes saying less is more.

Mitchell Trubisky’s hip pointer looked like a non-issue against the Giants

The Bears pick is now 14th overall. Wonder if Mitch will let the TVs be on this week.

Ryan Tannehill had a career game against the Jacksonville Jaguars

If the Raiders make the playoffs, they’ll have stop Patrick Mahomes this week, Tannehill and Derrick Henry next week.