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Stock watch: Stocks to avoid after Week 12

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Paul Guenther

This team was torched by the Jets offense in an embarrassing 34-3 loss and defense spent much of the day in a leaky zone defense. Sam Darnold was finding receivers open left and right, especially on crossing routes.

Sure, the personnel is poor. The defense is young and they have had some injuries. But is Guenther putting his guys in the best position to make plays? I’ll leave that debate up to you.

Raiders playoff hopes

The playoff hopes took a major step back after the loss to the Jets. A win would have put the Raiders in the driver’s seat for the final wildcard spot and in a tie with the Chiefs for the division lead.

With the loss, the path to the playoffs looks more complicated. The Steelers have taken over the No. 6 seed and hold the tie breaker over the Raiders based on win percentage in conference games.

The Raiders are one of four teams with a 6-5 record, fighting for positions with the Steelers, Titans, and Colts.

Daniel Carlson

Hard to kill the kicker after a 34-3 blowout, but Carlson has now missed a kick in three of his last four games. Not to mention in that span he has also missed an extra point.

After being rock solid last year, Carlson has shown some chinks in the armor as of late.