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Thanksgiving Day open game thread

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NFL: Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a fun day of football on tap with the Bears and Lions in the early window, Bills and Cowboys in the afternoon window and Saints and Falcons taking center stage late.

The only matchup featuring two winning teams comes in the afternoon window, with Dallas and Buffalo squaring off in what should be a fun and historic matchup of two playoff hopefuls. It will be strange for us to be rooting for Dallas, as the Raiders can’t afford to fall much further behind Buffalo in the AFC Wildcard race.

Meanwhile, rooting against the Bears is a no-brainer. Currently, the Raiders have a 1.5 percent chance of getting a Top 5 pick courtesy of Mitchell Trubisky and Co., and those odds will improve greatly if the Lions can pull out a win.

Since I’ll be with family all day today, I’m only posting one game thread for Thanksgiving football. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without family, food and football.

Here’s your game thread, ya’ filthy animals. I’m thankful for all the hilarity y’all bring to the comments.