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S&BP Staff Thankful For’s

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

On behalf of the entire Silver & Black Pride staff, we’d like to let all of our loyal readers and site members know how thankful we are for you. To celebrate Thanksgiving in our own way, we wanted to share our list of “Football Thankful For’s” and hear yours!

First, I’d like to thank the rest of the staff, Evan, BD, Will and Alex, for their extremely commendable work this year.

I am thankful for Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden for getting this entire organization on track. It looks like the Raiders are on their way to discovering their former glory brick by brick.

I’m thankful for smashmouth, hard-nosed, power football making a comeback this year. Amidst all these high-flying offenses with ‘11 personnel’ and defenses countering with Nickel sets, the best teams in football are almost all playing ground-and-pound bully ball.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t say how thankful I am to our loyal site members who have accepted me and given me valuable feedback and support. I’d like to remind all readers that you can find my email on the Masthead section of the site and voice any questions, concerns or off-the-wall opinions you may have. I have responded to every email I’ve gotten from readers and will continue to do so.

Without further ado, here’s the rest of what are staff is thankful for!

Alex Thayer:

I’m thankful for the Mayock Bunch because I thought the Raiders were going to be a five win team this year. I’m thankful for Trent Brown, so far, playing up to that contract he signed this off-season. Who says you can’t also build through free agency? I’m thankful that the Raiders have created an environment where Richie Incognito can get the help he desperately needed. I’m all for rehabilitation over retribution and life after football. This won’t endure me to some of you old heads who hate fantasy football, but my fantasy teams are thankful for Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller. Finally, I’m thankful for being a contributor and being in charge of the social media for this site because I’m getting paid to do something, in all honesty, I would do for free.

BD Williams:

I’m grateful for Levi Damien for giving me a shot at writing on this website, and all the writers who continue to churn out articles that makes this the first place people look for Raiders content. Many thanks to FlySweep and Behind the Eyepatch podcasts for being dumb enough to invite me on their shows to talk Raiders football this season. Fans like signcut, Snakeman17, 80sR8dr, and many more who make this site great. I don’t always agree with your takes but I respect your opinions. I have a lot of respect for the fan posts and try to read as many as I can since that was how I got my foot in the door at S&BP. I’m thankful for Mike Mayock for giving me a Raiders future I can look forward to, regardless of how this team finishes the season.

Will Osgood:

I‘m thankful that I get to work in football— both in writing for S&BP and as a scout for Sports Info Solutions, which could lead to bigger things in football in the future.

Additionally, I’m thankful that the team I root for has a comfortable division lead and really hasn’t played it’s best football yet. And grateful that Joe Burrow became the quarterback I thought he could be this time last year.

Lastly, still having a full head of hair at my age is pretty grooyvy.

Evan Groat:

I am most thankful for Mike Mayock and the rookie class that he drafted. The rookie class that he put together is impressive when you consider not only the players he drafted, but signed as undrafted free agents. For the first time in a long time the future looks very bright for the organization. Keep in mind, Mayock has five picks in the top 100 at his disposal in the 2020 draft, scary thought for the rest of the league. What’s really remarkable is that despite all the high praise they have received one of the three first round picks, Johnathan Abram was lost for the season in week one. Josh Jacobs should no doubt win Offensive Rookie of the Year and Maxx Crosby is in the conversation for the defensive award. Because of this, Mike Mayock should no doubt win NFL Executive of the Year.