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Silver Mining 11/28: The 2020 draft has some serious WR talent

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NCAA Football: Iowa State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

ESPN: Can Raiders’ Derek Carr exorcise his Arrowhead Stadium demons?

Sunday can’t come quickly enough.

The Athletic: ‘We’ve got to bounce back real fast’: Raiders and Maxx Crosby are looking ahead as they prepare for the Chiefs

What’s the Over/Under on the refs not calling at least three holding penalties on Eric Fisher when Maxx Crosby smokes his ass? Tyrell Williams on missed opportunities and mindset going forward

The mindset is to catch the ball.

AFC West News

Looks like the Broncos are going to give Drew Lock his shot this Sunday


Arrowhead Pride: The Chiefs have to feel good about the upcoming matchup, but they will still put in the work

In no particular order, the fanbases of the Cowboys, Chiefs, and 49ers are my least favorite.

Chargers LB Thomas Davis blaming defense for losses

I get trying to be a leader, but I was under the impression that all London Chargers highlights this season involved Philip Rivers throwing interceptions.

NFL News

There’s some wide receiver fire in the 2020 NFL Draft

Ceedee or HRIII?

The new Cowboys head coach is going to be Urban Meyer or Josh McDaniels

I can’t wait until Meyer leaves for ‘health reasons’ and then gets another job a year later.

The Ravens lost their starting center for the season

Baltimore Beatdown examines what this loss means for the rest of the season.