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NFL early window open thread

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Will the Dolphins get a win? Can the Vikings knock the Chiefs down to 5-4?

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s early window offers a multitude of interesting matchups. The Chiefs and Vikings square off in what could be a shootout. It might be time to get out your Viking helmets. If Minnesota can grab a win at Arrowhead and the Raiders pull out a victory against Detroit, Oakland will only be a half game out of first place.

The AFC East toilet bowl matchup of the Jets and Dolphins should be fun, hilarious and a good time to point and laugh. If there’s any week that the Dolphins could pull out a win to avoid a dreaded 0-16 season, it’s right now against Sam Darnold and Co. Other games worth monitoring include the Colts visiting the Steelers, and the Titans heading to Carolina.