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The Raider Nation Fan of the Week: John Ziegenhorn

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Fan submission

After reading through a ton of awesome submissions from fans, your Raider Nation Fan of the Week award goes to John Ziegenhorn of Lake Elsinore, CA!

John has been a diehard Raider fan for over 42 of his 68 years on Earth. He’s pictured here with his grandson Mason and son-in-law Jason, showing off their custom Raider vanity plates in a garage that any Raider fan would dream of owning.

Behind the trio is John’s pride and joy, his silver and black 72 SS El Camino. That thing means business and turns heads every time he takes it for a spin.

John cites his all-time favorite Raider as Kenny “The Snake” Stabler, saying that Stabler gave him, “the most memories of the great mystique of the Oakland Raiders.”

John is more than ready for the Las Vegas era, as shown by his vanity plates. He even has a registered trademark to sell Raider gear at

If you submitted a nomination for Raider Nation Fan of the Week and were not selected, do not fret! All previous submissions will continue to be considered for upcoming weeks.

To make a submission, find my email on the site’s Masthead and send in a picture of your nomination. Along with a picture, send a description about your submission, including where the nominee is from, their age, and their favorite Raider of all-time.

Submit as many nominations as you’d like and a winner will be chosen every Tuesday!