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What are the players and coaches saying ahead of Raiders, Chargers in Week 10?

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Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Players and coaches from both teams met with the media this week in preparation for Thursday night divisional showdown. Here are some of the highlights of what players and coaches from both teams are saying.

Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther on facing a Chargers offense with a new offensive coordinator:

“You know, you can’t change the offense 100 percent, there’s going to be some new wrinkles he’s going to put in. He’s going to put his own spin on it. But basically the stuff that they’ve been running throughout the course of the year are the stuff we’re going to go off. This is a short week as it is so you gotta trust your technique and your eye discipline and all those types of things in the front and the back end.”

Wide receiver Tyrell WIlliams on facing his old team the Chargers:

“It’s definitely going to be weird, but I’m excited. It’s going to be fun, you know. I got a lot of friends on the team still, so I’m excited about that. I mean, those guys I’ve been going against for four years. So, I mean, it’s definitely going to be weird, you know, having all the reps I had against them in practice. So, it’s going to be cool, I’m excited for it.”

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn on facing the Raiders:

“It’s a good football team. Team is built to run the football and they’re built to stop the running game. You know, their front seven is really big, powerful. And it’s going to be tough to establish the run on this group and vice versa. It’s going to be tough to slow them down. I mean, they have one of the biggest offensive lines we’ve seen all year and they’ve got that runner in the back in Jacobs. Quarterbacks playing pretty damn good too. To me, he looks more confident this year, making better decisions, taking care of the football. I think he is second in the National Football League in completion percentage. So, they’re doing a good job.”

Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers on playing his final game at the Coliseum:

“It’s a unique place to play. Obviously, my first start was there back in 2006. Some memorable games there, a bunch of close games that came down to the last play whether it be a kick or (Darren) Sproles scoring on that one late Monday night game. It will be a heck of an atmosphere. You could tell on the tape versus Detroit it was a heck of an atmosphere.”