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Silver Mining 11/6: Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell.

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

Khalil Mack might be irreplaceable, but Mitchell Trubisky is the gift that’s going to land the Raiders a very nice pick

I saw this on Twitter, but the quote fits. Derek Carr threatens to fight the TV hosts when he hears criticisms.

Going from Super Bowl contender to pretender has some media heads calling for the Bears to trade Mack.

Wonder if they could get back anything close to what the Raiders received for him? It’s fun when the dysfunction isn’t happening to the Raiders.

Michael Vick likes what he’s seeing from Derek Carr

The running GOAT is nothing but complimentary towards Carr and Gruden.

AFC West News

Over at Mile High Report, they have an article on who has been the team’s Defensive MVP this season

So many jokes, so little time.

On the other hand, Bolts From the Blue has an excellent write-up about whether the rumored move to London is real or not

Would the Chargers be able to actually host a home game across the pond?

Looks like Patrick Mahomes is a full go for Week 11

Lets go Tennessee.

NFL News

Sterling Shepard’s concussions are worrying his teammates

Two concussions in a four-week span.

Brandin Cooks will meet with a concussion specialist this week

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but that’s two young, talented wide receivers facing potentially career altering injuries

Derrius Guice is back and it’s looking like he’s going to play in Week 11

It’ll be interesting to see how he performs considering he was the supposed to be the second best running back in the same draft class as Saquon Barkley, until that little run-in with the Eagles during the pre-draft process.