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Silver Mining 11/9: A mea culpa of sorts

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NFL: Super Bowl LI-ESPN The Party Red Carpet Entrances Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not when First Take thinks the Raiders are a problem in the AFC West

You know what they say, the NFL is more fun when the Raiders are winning.

The Juggernaut is running through Raiders’ rookie records left and right

He’s also clearly the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Looks like Ferrell had some reporters in their feelings after the win on Thursday

With how everyone’s been talking about him lately, I don’t even blame him.

AFC West News

This an actual title over at Mile High Report: Broncos are good at finding value that other teams miss

Did I miss the part where the Broncos were good at something?

Melvin Gordon has one good game and now he’s back apparently

Did I also miss the part where the Chargers won the game?

Andy Reid is 1-7 versus the Titans

The Titans are 4-5 and in direct competition for an AFC Wildcard spot. Who are you rooting for to win this game Sunday?

NFL News

Ohio State defensive end standout Chase Young may be suspended one or two games this season for accepting a loan from a family friend that he already repaid

I think he should sit out the rest of the season and just get ready for the draft. He’s already made the school millions. Time to focus on himself. If this causes his draft stock to fall, let’s hope he falls all the way to the Bears’ pick.

Ryan Pace should probably read this article

With their Super Bowl window closing at a breakneck speed, Battle Red Blog has the right solution for what needs to be done, but it won’t effect what’s looking like a very high pick for Raiders.

The Trent Williams/Washington Redskins saga continues

This is a great read from Hogs Haven about a terrible situation.