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NFL early window game thread

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NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It’s December, baby. That means the NFL season is heating up just as the weather is cooling down. With eight games on tap and three that will directly affect the AFC playoff picture, we should keep a close eye on Titans at Colts, Browns at Steelers and 49ers at Ravens.

Tennessee and Indianapolis both sit tied with the Raiders at 6-5 and the even betting odds for that game show just how close it should be. The Raiders have the tie-breaker with the Colts and play the Titans next week at home.

With the 5-6 Browns and 6-5 Steelers already playing out a rematch of the ‘Helmet-gate’ debacle, we should be rooting for the Browns, as Pittsburgh has the tie-breaker over Oakland for the final wildcard spot.

The 49ers and Ravens game won’t directly affect Oakland, as there’s no way this team is catching up to Baltimore in at the top of the league, but it should be a supremely interesting game between two of the NFL’s best.

Here’s your early window open game thread. I can’t believe there’s only a month left of 2019. Where did the time go?