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Week 15 Predictions: S&BP Staff Picks

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Tennessee Titans v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

With the Raiders playoff chances sitting at basically a hope and a prayer at this point, the staff and fans press on, searching for a consolation prize: winning at picking games. Cyril prevailed in his prediction that the Raiders would lose last week, helping him finish the week with a 10-6 record. I was one game behind at 9-7, the only writer to predict a Buccaneers win. Meanwhile, Evan finished at 8-8, however he did foresee the Chiefs beating the Patriots at home. I held onto my lead with a 132-75 record. Evan and Cyril are all tied up, each sitting at 129-78.

This week, there is little disagreement amongst the staff. Evan likes the Giants to beat the Dolphins. I like the Cardinals over Browns, and Chargers over Vikings. Cyril doesn’t have a pick that both Evan and I disagree with.

Staff Picks

Community Scores

The mysterious Rocker☆ can’t be vanquished, roaring back from last week’s mild slump by picking 14(!) correct game outcomes. He and Skimble share the cumulative lead. Shout out to Mooniac, dafe2cat, RaiderSinn, torindorn4life, and Slipkid33 for picking 12 games correct.